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Trekking to the office every day has become so commonplace that many businesses miss out on opportunities to save a drastic amount of money by making one simple change. While discarding the modern office format seems impossible, many businesses are adopting other formats in an effort to maximise space and their bottom line. Of the many choices Australian professionals have in alternative space, the virtual office has become one of the most viable options in workspace.

The virtual office in effect presents solutions to businesses who have adopted a remote-working platform, small businesses looking to save money, businesses looking to transition into larger space, and professionals who just want the flexibility to move around without the baggage of having to relocate. A virtual office in Australia – Servcorp for instance – can supply a business with versatile office space in great locations in some of the country’s greatest cities. The amazing thing about this office work style is that it presents businesses with so much value for the expense.

Continue reading to learn why the virtual office can be of great value to your business.

Value In Terms Of Efficiency

The virtual office has so much value because it is one of the best time savers. Typically, the trek to and from work can last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. In a single day, commuters devote at minimum an hour just travelling back and forth from the city to the house. In a week, this adds up to at least 5 hours, and this if you do not face rush hour traffic in Australia’s major hubs, which can add up to two hours a day and 10 hours a week.

This going and coming back and forth every day is a very inefficient use of time. Think about how much work can be completed in 5 hours, in 10 hours – a lot. By virtue of setting up a virtual office, professionals completely eliminate spending so much time on the road, time that could be spent on business.

Value In Terms Of Space

The virtual office allows businesses to pay for what they actually use in office space. Businesses lease the use of a world-class internet connection, but they also have access to valuable amenities that they can access on a pay-as-you-go basis. In some cases, the virtual office plan will allow businesses a certain number of vouchers to reserve space in the building, but in either case, this is a better solution to occupying space in a building you might not need every day. For start-ups and smaller businesses, the virtual office can alleviate much of the costs associated with start-up costs and monthly overhead.

Value In Terms of Accessibility

The virtual office is the only office space type that provides a platform for businesses to connect with others from around the world. Just in terms of providing businesses with a chance to leverage communities from around the globe, this proximity has closed the distance for many looking to expand internationally. At the same time, professionals who work from the virtual office platform can access clients and other businesses around the world very easy.

With the numerous online tools that allow businesses to meet and collaborate online, businesses can find themselves working from any location without missing a beat. Through the virtual office, professionals do not have to worry about accessing office space. With the internet connection as their pathway and their password as their key, the virtual office allows businesses to work when it is most convenient to them.

Adding Value Without Cost

The virtual office is one of those office plans where professionals end up getting more for the money. There are too many tools and apps online that can assist businesses with setting up a platform for working primarily online. Furthermore, the time and energy spent at work can be focused on managing your business.