Whether you work or a large corporation or you have set up your own home office for your small business, office design is important! Your office is where everything begins, ideas are shared, work is done and decisions are made. Therefore you want to make sure your office design correlates with your company vision and encourages the greatest productivity of your workforce.

  1. Branding Opportunity & Company Culture

Your office design can say a lot about your business. Designing your office to match your company ethics, vision and personality is a great way to emphasize your brand and what it means. This can be a good way to get employees to understand and become part of your company culture. A classy flawless design may suit a high-end brand whereas a business focused on cost could feature a minimalistic design.

2) Boost Employee Morale

The arrangement of your office furniture, the design and the lighting can all play a part in boosting employee morale. A dull and dreary office is likely going to have a negative impact on your employee morale. Creating a nice office with good lighting and nice furniture at work can increase the comfort of your employees and keep them positive. Since people spend so much time in their office it becomes a second home. A nice office can become a place that your employees look forward to spending time in rather than dreading to go to.

3) Boost Creativity

Creative Workspaces can have a direct effect on employees by encouraging them to think outside the box. Unique office spaces that get your staff thinking and their minds wandering can help them with their own ideas!

For a business that requires communication between staff for creativity offices can be designed to naturally encourage team working. For example, a round table or comfortable areas in the office for employees to sit and have discussions.

4) Boost Productivity

Research suggests that Office workers spend on average 1,700 hours on a computer each year. Sitting and looking at a computer all day can take its physical and mental toll on office workers. It is therefore important to provide office workers with a workspace which boosts their productivity. You should provide staff with the most comfortable furniture so they deal with sitting down for hours and remain productive but at a time but not too comfy that they end up sleeping.

Dedicated areas in the office where people can take short coffee breaks can be developed to help workers maintain productivity but at the same time should not be a distraction for office workers. Google in New York City, for example, provides its staff members with ‘Sleep Pods’ so that they can take short naps during their breaks to re-energize themselves and in doing so increase their productivity.