5 Business Lessons I Learned from Blogging

5 Business Lessons I Learned from Blogging


I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now and to say I’ve learned nothing won’t be true. Blogging is quickly gaining influence in various parts of the world and I think it is only smart to share some of the lessons I’ve learned in the past years as a blogger.

1. The More You Save the Better You Are

This is probably the last thing you will want to read in a post talking about business lessons learned from blogging. It was, for me too.

I never really realized the importance of saving until recently. In fact, I didn’t even believe in saving and gave various excuses not to save. Plus when blogging starts to bring results you develop a feeling that the money will keep coming so you have nothing to worry about.

The reality is that saving works and it is important to have some cash in the bank. It’s good to have some fun and live any lifestyle that pleases you but I’ll say you should suspend some enjoyment until you have enough money saved to keep you going for at least a year.

One thing I have realized in business is that broke people make wrong choices and this applies to bloggers and freelancers. That is why you see a lot of freelancers taking low-paying freelancing jobs; they’re too afraid of not having any work to do for the main time because they have no idea how they will survive. Things will be different if they have some cash saved in the bank.

In reality, it is good to invest but having cash in the bank as preparation for hard times will go a long way to save you.

2. Association is Important

In so many levels; either with the kind of work you do, the kind of articles you post, the kind of blogs you appear on or the kind of tips you give. People are always monitoring us to see which choices we make and the results of their monitoring will help them draw conclusions on whether to follow us or to partner with us.

Make sure you don’t just associate yourself with mediocre things, in every aspect of your blogging. Of course, laying your hands on the real deal takes time but that is a sacrifice you have to take. “Managing” poor things for the time being can cost you your reputation so make sure you associate wisely.

3. Networking is Key

Whether in life or in business the key to success is to network with people. Your readers are probably not ready to take advice from someone who has a shallow view of life and the only way to probably see how life works is to move with others.

A lot of us have the image of a blogger as someone who spends a huge amount of time in front of the computer and as a result has no social life. While this is true for some people it is very important that you shy away from it. Networking is important as far as success in blogging is concerned so make sure you move and connect with as many people you think will benefit your career. It could be your readers or influencers in your niche, networking with them will give you an advantage and will help you have a better understanding of what you should do.

4. Failure Is Inevitable…You Have to Learn to Never Give Up

I have faced quite some challenges in my blogging career, I still do, but one thing I have learned is that this space is only for people who are desperate to achieve success no matter what it takes, people who will never give up.

Failure is inevitable in business and why should blogging be different? You should be rest assured you will experience your own share of failures when it comes to blogging, marketing or even networking with others. That doesn’t make you a failure; instead, deciding to stop and give up is what makes you a failure.

The key to real blogging success is to never give up, are you up for the game?

5. There is No End to Learning

The end of your learning will probably be the end of your progress.

It doesn’t matter how small or big, we can always learn from someone else. Make sure your focus for your blog is on learning new things. Learning new things help you better connect with your audience, it helps you provide better value and it ensures you know what’s going on in your field at the moment. Make sure you read something new every day; it could be a new blog post, it could be a new book or it could be watching any form of multimedia content. Learning is essential to success so make sure you’re always open to learning.


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